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G-Qm 1

Known as:G-Qm 1; Kz-039-ZS-L-01
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Editor:Adrian Musitz (commentary transcription translation transliteration)


Main find spot:Kizil Sayram
Specific find spot:Grotte E

Language and Script



Material: ocher on wall
Number of lines:2


a1[b]a hu [p]a yi kne || m[ā] [wa] ·[k]· [ṅk]· [e] pi kte ka [r]t·e [ā] k·a p[e] l· [k]·e – [na] [k]· – – ¯[r] : [t]· ya¯ ¯k [p]ta nma sa [kr]ā ma tau wi tā kaṃ snai l[y]ī pa¯ ¯r – (–)
a2[yke] po [staṃ] : s·¯ ¯k ñke [t]e po – ·[e] ma – [¯k] – lī ·e m· [nai] ce¯ ¯y a lye k[o] – meṃ yo ksi ka lwā ske¯ ¯[m] pe lai


a1bahupayikne wa(l)k(e) ṅk(e) epikte kart(s)e āk(ṣ)a pel(ai)k(n)enäk· – – r : t(o)yak ptanmasa krāma tau wi tākaṃ snai lyīpär – –
a2yke-postäṃ : k ñke te po(staññ)e ma(nta)k ·e m·nai cey alyek o(sta)meṃ yoksi kälwāskem pelai


a1In the Bahu-upāyika tune: Not for long did he teach the law well.
a2In these stūpas, if there are two... completely... bit by bit now this later... never ... They get drink from another home.


Philological commentary

The transcription is a compromise between Pinault and Zhao and Rong. The plaster on top of which the inscription is written has broken off in a lot of places. This makes the inscription exceedingly difficult to read.

Alternative linguistic/paleographic classifications

Peyrot 2008C
Tamai 2011C14



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