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A 425.a and THT 1846

Known as:A 425.a and THT 1846; A 425.a = THT 1059a; A 425.a = Bleistiftnummer 3120; THT 1846 = Prelim. No. 1929-40
Cite this page as:Michaël Peyrot; Angelo Mascheroni (revision). "A 425.a and THT 1846". In A Comprehensive Edition of Tocharian Manuscripts (CEToM). Created and maintained by Melanie Malzahn, Martin Braun, Hannes A. Fellner, and Bernhard Koller. https://cetom.univie.ac.at/?m-a425aandtht1846 (accessed 21 May 2024).


Editor:Michaël Peyrot; Angelo Mascheroni (revision)


Main find spot:Sengim
Expedition code:T II S 52
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Language:Skt.; TA

Text contents

Title of the work:Udānavarga
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Doctrine


Manuscript:A 418-426
Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):4.5 × 3.4 cm
Number of lines:5


a1/// ·[y]· ///
a2/// ·[ā] hma [ṇ]· hi ta¯ ¯m ///
a3/// [ś]k[aṃ] • tṛ ṣṇā [bh]· v· p· ///
a4/// ·i ·e – – – – • a smiṃ ///
a5/// ra tiṃ cā p(·)a ///
b1/// vī mi brā – ///
b2/// ·[y]· /// k[c]i nä¯ ¯s ///
b3/// [5] ga ti[ṃ] ya [s]y· [n]· [j]ā ///
b4/// ¯l ri t[w]o¯ ¯nt bra vī ·i ///
b5/// – – ///


a1/// ·y· ///
a2/// (br)āhmaṇ(aṃ) hitam ///
a3/// śkaṃtṛṣṇābh(a)v(a)p(ari)(kṣīṇaṃ) ///
a4n1 /// ·i ·e – – – – • asmiṃ ///
a5n2 /// ratiṃ cāp(y) (aratiṃ) ///
b1/// (bra)vīmi brā(hmaṇaṃ) ///
b2n3 /// (upat)y(agāt) (•) (ñä)kcinäs ///
b3/// (40-)5 gatiṃ yasy(a) n(a) jā(nanti) ///
b4n4 /// l ritwont (•) bravī(m)i ///
b5/// – – ///


a2... Skt. ...
a3... and ... Skt. ...
a4... Skt. ...
a5... Skt. ...
b1... Skt. ...
b2... Skt. ... divine ...
b3... Skt. ...


b4... joined with ... Skt. ... (Itkin and Malyshev 2019: 70)



The edition of fragments A 425.a-f is mainly based on Peyrot 2016b: 199-201 and on Itkin and Malyshev 2019. According to the latter, fragment A 425.a can be joined with THT 1846.

Philological commentary

n1Itkin and Malyshev 2019: 69
n2Peyrot 2016b: 200-201 restores ratiṃ cāp(y) a(ratiṃ), based on the parallels in Dhp 418ahitvā ratiñ ca aratiñ ca, GDhp I. 33aaradi radi ca yo hitva, Tib. Uv. 33.53adga’ daṅ mi dga’ spaṅs pa daṅ, Or.15003/330 v2[arat]i[Ł ca s´ı¯tı¯] .. [to] n[irau] and PS Ud. 188hidvā rati· [c]· ·y· (reading by Peyrot 2016b: 201).
n3Itkin and Malyshev 2019: 69 propose to read (ñä)kcinäs (yśalmas) ´divine pleasures´.
n4As Itkin and Malyshev 2019: 70 point out, /// l ritwont translates Skt. anantajñānasaṃyuktaṃ; they tentatively proposed to restore (knānmuneyaśśä)l ´with wisdom´.


Online access

IDP: THT 1059a, THT 1846; TITUS: THT 1846


Tamai 2007a: №1846; Itkin and Malyshev 2019; Peyrot 2016b


Itkin and Malyshev 2019: b4 (70)



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