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A 166

Known as:A 166; THT 799
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Editor:Gerd Carling


Main find spot:Šorčuq
Specific find spot:Stadthöhle
Expedition code:T III Š 92.19
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection (BBAW)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Literary


Manuscript:A 144-211
Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:6


Images from by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project, the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Orientabteilung.


a1/// ·[w]· c· m[i] św[e]¯ ¯ñcä – – – – ku
a2/// s· māṃ tsraṃ u tkraṃ klo pa¯ ¯nt lkā ta¯ ¯r : kro śśi
a3/// ka rṣto wä lko ki klo pa¯ ¯nt u tkraṃ wä rpnā ta¯ ¯r
a4/// ṅke ñcäṃ : kā tska¯ ¯rkmaṃ mlo kī ñcäṃ e snaṃ prā
a5/// pa¯ ¯nt lkā ta¯ ¯r : mā sa mtra ṅktsi cä mpa mo mā klo –
a6/// klo paṃ paṃ tko tā ki¯ ¯s̝ : a tra ta mpe [m]o – ·o – –
b1/// wä rpi ta¯ ¯r tma śśä ltā skmāṃ : ki pka [pśi] [ñ]ñ· – –
b2/// ne ṣṣā¯ ¯s klo pa¯ ¯nt wä rpo ra¯ ¯s̝ la ñcä¯ ¯s̝ tma
b3/// ·p· nu sa mña re ṣi nā sso ki klo pa¯ ¯nt wä rpnā
b4/// sla mnā ntsu¯ ¯nt pa lko¯ ¯nt a ñcwā ṣiṃ pa¯ ¯t pla kṣiṃ
b5/// ñci s̝aṃ : tma śśä ltā skmāṃ ca mi ṣo ṅkā tsā śśi
b6/// tā lo ā [c]o [tā] – – ka rṣto o


a1 /// ·w· c(a)mi śweñc – – – – ku
Xx /// s· māṃ ; tsraṃ utkraṃ ; klopant lkātär :
Xx krośśi a316σ
Xx /// kärṣto ; wälk= oki ; klopant utkraṃ ; wärpnātär a4
Xx 16σ /// ṅkeñc-äṃ :
Xx kāts kärknīm-äṃ ; mlokīñc-äṃ ; esnaṃ prāa5(kraṃ) ; (āyäntu) ;
Xx 15σ /// pant lkātär :
Xx säm träṅktsi ; cämpamo ; kloa6
Xx 12σ /// klopaṃ ; päṃtko tākiṣ :
Xx atra tampe ; mo – ·o ; – – b111σ
Xx 11σ /// ; wärpitär ; tmaśśäl tāskmāṃ :
Xx kip kapśiññ· ; – – b214σ
Xx /// neṣṣās klopant ; wärporäṣ ; läñcäṣ tmä –
b3 /// ·p· nu säm ñareṣināss oki klopant wärpnā-
b4 -(tär) /// slam nāntsunt pälkont añcwāṣiṃ pat pläkṣiṃ
b5 /// ñciṣäṃ : tmaśśäl tāskmāṃ cami ṣoṅkātsāśśi
b6 /// tālo āco – – kärṣto o


a2 ... he sees harsh and severe pains ...
a3 as if he was cut or crushed(?) He suffers severe pains
a4 they … him. I should bind his stomach and they should squeeze the solid (bones) in his shoulders.
a5 he is not able to speak


a2 ... erduldet er harte und furchtbare Leiden. (Schmidt 1974: 194)



Transcription and references have been transferred from the "Text and Reference Database of the Tocharian A Language" (Gerd Carling Lund University) (funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and SCAS).
Transcription and translation are based on Carling et al. 2009.

Philological commentary




Online access

IDP: THT 799; TITUS: THT 799


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