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Meaning:demonstrative stem
Word class:adjective
Word subclass:pronoun
Lexeme variants:se; s=


sg.m sg.f sg.n pl.m pl.f pl.n du.m du.f du.n
nom se, seṃ, samp, su , sāṃ, somp, u te, teṃ, tamp, tu, tek, tuk cai, caimp, ceyak toy, toyna, toymp, toṃ, tonak tai
acc ce, ceṃ, comp, co, cau, cek, cauk , tāṃ, tomp, u, tāk te, teṃ, tamp, tu, tek, tuk ceṃ, cenän, ceyna, cenak toy, toyna, toymp, toṃ, tonak tai
gen cwi, cwimp tāy tentse, tuntse cenaṃts, ceṃts, ceynaṃts, cempaṃts, centsak toynaṃts, toṃts tainaisi, tainaisäñ
loc cene, caune, cenek tūne, teṃne, tukne
comit caumpa tempa toynampa
abl cemeṃ, caumeṃ temen, teṃmeṃ, tammeṃ, tumeṃ ceṃmeṃ toṃmeṃ
perl compsa, causa tesa, tūsa, tusa, tusāk ceynasa toṃtsa
all cewäśc teśc, tuśc cenäśc

Lexeme family


"this" [proximal deixis]