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Meaning:“hello! [interjection of address]”
Word class:uninflected
Word subclass:interjection
Equivalent in TB:bho
Equivalent in other languages:Skt. bhos-
Lexeme variants:bho

Lexeme family

  • bho “hello! [interjection of address]”



1Shikchin 20 a1॥ ·āk·nt·wtar ॥ se bho /// a2 /// hw·
2THT 1584.b a2ṣāmaṃ a2 /// – bho • grhhītavya • saspa
3YQ I.6 a4nirdhane brāa4(hmaṃ) /// (träṅ)käṣ bho bho upādhyāyaśodharavilāpaṃ
4YQ I.6 a4brāa4(hmaṃ) /// (träṅ)käṣ bho bho upādhyāyaśodharavilāpaṃ
5YQ II.1 a1a1 /// träṅkäṣ bho bho kus tṣā naṣ
6YQ II.1 a1 /// träṅkäṣ bho bho kus tṣā naṣ tmäa2(ṣ)