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THT 1548.b

Known as:THT 1548.b; Prelim. No. 442
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Editor:Adrian Musitz (translation)


Main find spot:Kizil Ming-öy
Expedition code:T III MQ 138
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Text genre:Literary


Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:5



a1/// – tsts· tā ka a kṣā¯ ¯r a klyi lñe ne nau
a2/// la nte • sū ṣa¯ ¯ñä yä rpo nta ṣṣe o ko
a3/// – tke nta sa skai nā ma ne mā¯ ¯s̝p yā ta
a4/// ·ṣ· ne snai ke¯ ¯ś mā ka s̝pa wai
a5/// – staṃ mai ta¯ ¯r || ka ntsa ka rṣaṃ ne || tā
b1/// k· • 1 || tu meṃ sā¯ ¯u cwī brā hma ṇ[ai]
b2/// rmeṃ kre nta we re mpa y· ro rmaṃ
b3/// ·t· sa pe ·ly· ṅke • kwri tu pī to sa ka rnā
b4/// ·s· pa¯ ¯s̝ o mte pe plya ṅke • || brā hma
b5/// – k·e ne¯ ¯k o¯ ¯[t] pa lko rmeṃ • ya ltse ne


a1/// – tsts· tāka akṣār aklyilñene nau
a2/// lante ṣañ yärpontaṣṣe oko
a3/// – tkentasa skaināmane māṣp yāta
a4/// ·ṣ· ne snai keś māka ṣpä wai
a5/// – stäṃ maitarkantsakarṣaṃne
b1/// • 1 ॥ tumeṃ u cwī brāhmaṇai
b2/// rmeṃ krenta werempa ro rmaṃ
b3/// ·t· sa pe ·ly· ṅkekwri tu pītosa kärnā
b4/// ·s· paṣ omte peplyaṅke • ॥ brāhma
b5/// – k·e nek ot pälkormeṃyaltsene


a1... was...
a1+... in studying the writing...
a2... (they praised?)...
a2+This is the fruit of his own merits...
a3+... and trying (with remedies?)... did not manage...
a4+... and countless many...
a5... went after... In the Kantsakarṣaṃ-tune:
b1+Then she... of him... Brahmin...
b2+... having (practiced?) with good smells...
b3+... if for this price... buy...
b4...go there! Sell (it)!
b5... having seen..., in thousand...


Online access

IDP: THT 1548b; TITUS: THT 1548


Tamai 2007a: №1548



“The International Dunhuang Project: The Silk Road Online.” n.d. http://idp.bl.uk.

Tamai 2007a

Tamai, Tatsushi. 2007a. “A preliminary edition of unpublished texts from the Berlin Turfan Collection.” Thesaurus indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien (TITUS): Tocharian manuscripts from the Berlin Turfan collection. 2007. http://titus.fkidg1.uni-frankfurt.de/texte/tocharic/tht.htm.


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