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Ji et al. 1998

Ji, Xianlin, Werner Winter, and Georges-Jean Pinault. 1998. Fragments of the Tocharian A Maitreyasamiti-Nāṭaka of the Xinjiang Museum, China. Transliterated, translated and annotated by Ji Xianlin in collaboration with Werner Winter, Georges-Jean Pinault. TLSM 113. Berlin/New York: de Gruyter.

Used for manuscripts:A 212; A 213; A 214; A 215; A 262; A 277; m-sht1821; m-sht4474; YQ I.1; YQ I.2; YQ I.3; YQ I.4; YQ I.5; YQ I.6; YQ I.7; YQ I.8; YQ I.9; YQ I.10; YQ II.1; YQ II.2; YQ II.3; YQ II.4; YQ II.5; YQ II.6; YQ II.7; YQ II.8; YQ II.9; YQ II.10; YQ II.11; YQ II.12; YQ II.13; YQ II.14; YQ II.15; YQ III.1; YQ III.2; YQ III.3; YQ III.4; YQ III.5; YQ III.6; YQ III.7; YQ III.8; YQ III.9; YQ III.10; YQ III.11; YQ III.12; YQ N.1; YQ N.2 and N.6; YQ N.3; YQ N.4; YQ N.5; YQ V.1

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