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THT 1551

Known as:THT 1551; Prelim. No. 456
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Editor:Adrian Musitz (translation)


Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Text genre:Literary


Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:5


Images from idp.bl.uk by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project, the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Orientabteilung.


lf100 80 7
a1rtse yā mo rmeṃ a sāṃ meṃ tsa ṅka ṣa¯ ¯ñä ma ske lye ///
a2|| tū ma kte ne saṃ śā sta rne a klyi [l]ñ· ///
a3o ko pe lai kne • klyau ṣa • kau ne wi ṣa – ///
a4rwā te se p· (–) cceṃ – rkwi na sa śśī – ///
a5a ll· (– –) – y·eṃ ne cau sa ṅkrā mne wī ///
b1ste • – (– –) – cai po yśiṃ ñe e ksa – – ///
b2ca me lne – (–) l· ntaṃ au ki ta t· – ///
b3plye wsa ra mno skwa ṣṣe i pre rne snai ///
b4teṃ a rha nteṃ ñe pe rneṃ ka lpā re • – ///
b5e rsa nte • tu kmā ka po sā¯ ¯u we rtsi [y]o – – ///


a1rtse yāmormeṃ asāṃmeṃ tsaṅka ṣañ mäskelye ///
a2 mäkte nesäṃ śāstärne aklyilñ(e) ///
a3oko pelaikneklyauṣakaune wi ṣa – ///
a4(wa)rwāte se cceṃ (a)rkwina sa śśī – ///
a5all(ek) – – y·eṃ ne cau saṅkrāmne ///
b1ste • – – – – cai poyśiṃñe eksa – – ///
b2camelne – – ntäṃ auki ta – ///
b3plyewsa ram no skwaṣṣe iprerne snai ///
b4teṃ arhanteṃñe perneṃ kälpāre • – ///
b5ersantetu-k māka po u wertsiyo – – ///


a1... having done good, he arose from his throne, ... his rightful (place)...
a2That, how... is studying in the teaching...
a3The fruit is the law. He heard (it). On the day (?)... two...
a4... he spurred (?)... white...
a5... other... in the monastery...
b1... is... ... with the eye of the all-knowing one...
b2... in the birth... growth...
b3... he floated, so to speak, in a sky of bliss, without...
b4... they obtained Arhanthood...
b4+... they evoked...
b5The whole, numerous assembly...



Ogihara 2012

Online access

IDP: THT 1551; TITUS: THT 1551


Tamai 2007a: №1551



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